My Books

Nothing Comes of Nothing

Published 2006

Blurb: Andrea—Andy for short—has lived on the streets almost her entire life. One night, when a burglary does not go as planned, she winds up using the doorstep of a mansion as her shelter for the night. The owner of the mansion offers her a blanket in return for information about the streets. Upon returning to her lair, Andy learns that Mak, the head of Daren’s old orphanage, has gotten it into his head that he still owns Daren. Angered by her lover’s injuries, Andy sets out for vengeance, determined to spill blood.


Published 2013

Cover for 'Spectrum'

Blurb: In a futuristic world, Spectronics is used to determine who is Dominant and who is Submissive. Journalism is a dominant-leaning field. Despite that, Geoff is determined to procure an internship with one of the world’s top reporters, Leon Marcs, so that he can fix the flaws in the system. The inexplicable draw he feels towards his new boss is the last thing he expects.

Warning: If you find bdsm or homosexual themes hard to handle, don’t read this book.


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