A Bit of Speed Reading Fun

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

I hadn’t actually tested how fast I read in awhile, so I was curious as to what this little test would reveal. My results – 1920 words per minute. There’s a chart on the test at the end that shows you where your reading skills line up with the rest of the world. 1500 words per minute is the rate at which speed readers are found, with 700 words per minute being the rate at which college professors read, and 300 words per minute being the rate at which the average college student reads (the top percent of college students read at a rate of around 800 words per minute). The national average is between 200 – 250 words per minutes.

Granted, there are tricks to reading fast while maintaining comprehension, and there are articles out there about those tricks if you want to learn how to read quickly. I actually read fast because if I don’t, my comprehension drops. Comes from loving to read but having to contend with the difficulties created by having ADHD. While a lot of ADHDers end up being slow readers because of difficulty in concentrating on walls of text… I went the other route. I learned to read so fast that I didn’t have to think about the fact I was concentrating. I learned to consume information. So, I don’t know what tricks to share with you…at this point, I can take in every word on a page just by glancing at it. How I developed the skill? I’m really not so sure.

Anyways, have some fun with the reading test. It’s always interested to find out where you stack up compared to the national average.


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