Poem: The State of Nigerian Men

The State of Nigerian Men 

John Chizoba Vincent

Nigerian men are frustrated,

Many lost in fury and confusion,

Some are entangled in the spirit of yesterday’ glory.

Men are now kids rather than kings,

Every strong man struggles but many never stand

Instead, they slumber at home waiting for their wives’



Nigerian men are confused,

Many lost in the lorry of life battles.

They are as sick as their secrets, smiling

When they are supposed to cry at their misfortunes.

Nigerian men  are lost in the wood of desperation!

The zeal to become is gone in fear and pity,

When shall we be free in our own land?

Our creative minds are caged in the dust forever.


Nigerian men are demoralised,

Dollar is high, they all sing with a bitter throat now.

The song hit side by side on the walls of their mouths, change has come but some

are still looking

For the change promised with a sweet tongue.

Mr President is in a fight with the wind for corruption

Let’s see who wins, Mr President or the wind.


Nigerian men are dying!

Nigerian men are abused!

Nigerian men are frustrated!

Nigerian men are disappointed!

Nigerian men are deceived!

Nigerian men are abandoned!


Nigerian men are poor,

Poverty runs through their blood vessels

Nourishing their weakness and impotency.

After Dollar, comes fuel scarcity, after fuel,

Then; Nigerian men shall fight for Power,

Stupidity in channels of madness in my country.

Many men never knew who they are in the dark!

They antagonise failure and mistakes as an enemy

Not knowing that they are ingredient to life success.

Nigerian men seek and fight only for themselves!


Nigerian men are down now!

None talks about getting up again,

None of them ever talked about the elephants,

They now look at the grounded ant for help.

They congregate their minds each morning on the

Bed without thinking out solutions to their troubles.

They masked their insecurities and reveal their imperfection.

The state of Nigerian men now is ‘unpennable’


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