Read the World Challenge

I’ve decided to take on the “Read the World Challenge”  which is a 12-month challenge to read books dealing with every continent.

You can read more information at the above link, but the break down is essentially as follows:

Month 1: Africa

Month 2: Antarctica

Month 3: Asia

Month 4: Australia/Oceania

Month 5: Europe

Month 6: North America

Month 7: South America

Month 8: Different genres of books all written by women

Month 9: Different genres of books all written by men

Month 10: Revisiting North America

Month 11: Revisiting Asia

Month 12: Revisiting Europe and Africa

I’m not following the guidelines for the challenge exactly – I mean, this is me we’re talking about here. Instead of going by the guidelines suggested on the official challenge site, I am going to read books that are either written by someone on the continent of the month or books that are located within that continent. My personal goal is to read ~3 to 5 books per continent.

Here’s the list of titles for the Month One portion of the challenge that I intend to read:

I’ve placed them all on hold with my local library, and as soon as they arrive, I will pick them up and start reading. Since the theme for the first month is Africa, I’m going to see if I can find a way to incorporate the same theme into my blog.

I encourage all of you to join in the “Read the World Challenge”, as it has never been more important to understand global culture than it is today. If you decide to join me in this challenge, I’d love to hear about the books you choose to read.



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