Book Series Rec: Codex Alera

Most people who have heard of Jim Butcher have come to him through “The Dresden Files” for which he is most renowned. I have actually only ever read one book of “The Dresden Files,” and I only read it because I realized the author was the same author of one of my favorite fantasy series, “The Codex Alera.”

In this series, elemental magic is a normal part of life. Tavi, the man who the series follows, doesn’t have any magic of his own. Because he lacks magic, life is incredibly difficult for him, as he has to do everything the normal way – which is abnormal in a world full of magic. The world is called Alera, and the series is about Tavi’s quest to help save it.



2 thoughts on “Book Series Rec: Codex Alera

  1. I was lucky enough to meet him at a book signing at the ill fated Borders in our area. He said that this series is one he really wanted to have take off. Instead, Dresden took off and became widely popular.

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