Movie Rec: Nut Job

Surly the squirrel and his rat friend, Buddy, are thieves living as outcasts in Liberty Park. While Surly is competing with two other squirrels, Grayson and Andie, for peanuts, the cart ends up running into a propane tank that explodes and destroys the tree where the animals store their food. Surly is banished from the park and has to learn how to survive in the city. The main villain in the story is Raccoon, who keeps control of the animals in the park by controlling the food supply, which Surly learns and tells Andie, who refuses to believe him.

There is a lot of conflict in this movie as well as a lot of sarcastic humor. It’s a bit different than other animated films, however, as Surly lives up to his name. I enjoy movies that embrace unusual perspectives, but I will say that this movie isn’t for everyone.


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