NaNo 2015: Day 2

I’m going to do my best to keep everyone up to date with where my word count is this year, just like I have for the last few Novembers. School is a little hectic right now, though, as I have two more tests this week (I had a Physics test today that everyone I spoke to considered the hardest test in the history of ever).

For NaNo this year, I’m working on the first book in a series. The series is a collaboration with my friend, Jacob Lohman. Because of that, however, I have an outline. Me, writing with an outline. Well, a mini-outline. It’s not a detailed scene-by-scene outline – more of a “these are the major plot points to get to” kind of outline.

Anyway, here’s the flash synopsis for this book:

As a Melder, Dart has grown up envying the Elders who are able to take four forms while he can only assume the forms of panther, human, and snake. Knowing that he can obtain a fourth form if he can make it to the end of Sphynx Road, an alternate dimension capable of granting a person’s deepest desire, Dart is determined to complete the journey. When he arrives at the entrance to Sphynx Road, a cave-in separates him from his trine. Forced to go forward to find a way out, Dart may find the path ahead more difficult than he anticipates.

My current word count is 10,629. I’m aiming for 150k this year, so I’m on target (I really shouldn’t be aiming for 150k. I am way too busy for this insanity), and I’m a little over a third of the way through the first part of the story (there’s two parts).

In other Nano News, our Kick-Off Party was awesome. There were nine people in attendance (including me and Su, the MLs). There’s a write-in this Thursday, and the location we’ve picked this year seems to be a hit. After three years of trying different things, it’s awesome to have finally found a location and time that works for the majority of people.

Also, I would just like to point out that I do not count the words I write in my blog posts towards my NaNo goal. I probably should, but I never do. But if my sentences seem incredibly long this month, well, here’s a hint: It’s all NaNo’s fault. 😛


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