Nano 2015 Update and a Book Review

I can’t believe Nano is less than two weeks away – I’m getting super excited about my novel and about all the fun stuff Su and I have planned for this November. We’re starting with a Kick-off Pizza Party on the 1st, and we’ll be meeting at Panera Bread for some of our write-ins which will be every Sunday and Thursday.

The novel I am planning to work on is actually the first in a fantasy series and it’s a collaboration with one of my best friends. This particular novel will follow Dart, a shapeshifter, as he journeys down Sphynx Road (which is a cave dimension where travelers must solve riddles and puzzles in order to get to the end of it where they can obtain their heart’s desire) in an attempt to gain a fourth form. He has three – human, snake, and panther – but he has the potential for a fourth (only the most powerful shapeshifters can obtain a fourth form). It should be a lot of fun to write, and I can’t wait to get started.

I’m throwing a book review in here because it’s been so long since I updated and I just read an amazing book. The name of it is “Dark Eden” by Chris Beckett, and he won the Arthur C. Clarke award for the novel. It’s about a group of people on an alien planet with their own unique lingo and story about how the world works. While most of the people on the planet are caught up in the story, John Redlantern is determined to find out what lies beyond the borders of their territory, as they are beginning to run out of food.

What I loved about the story (aside from the fact it is very thought-provoking and enjoyable) is that Beckett utilizes a literary technique not often seen. He writes every chapter in first person, but each chapter is from someone else’s perspective. I’ve never seen the technique utilized so well, and I recommend everyone check out his book.


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