Musings on Classes

I mentioned in a recent post that I have the following five classes this semester: Physics I with lab, Statistical Methods I, Calculus I, International Relations, and Psychology of Personality.

Most people look at that class schedule and cringe at the heavy math involved. When I went into the math classes (Physics included), I’ll admit that I was expecting to have a fairly hefty course load. I can already tell, however, that the only class that is going to be homework heavy is the Calculus class. My Physics professor gave the class a hand-out with the homework assignments for the semester, and it’s a fairly light load. Seems like my Physics class is going to be much more hands-on than homework-focused, and I’m okay with that.

Out of all the classes I have, I think the hardest one is going to be Psychology of Personality. The instructor said he only gives three exams, and those exams are designed to be difficult. He also assigns two projects, but he said that those are so open to interpretation that it’s pretty much impossible to lose points. Those two projects are worth 30% of the grade while the exams are worth 70%. When someone laughed, thinking he was joking about how difficult the exams were, he said only three students in his last class performed well.

Now, with my schedule, maybe I should be freaking out, but I’m actually excited. I’m sure it’s a product of spending most of the summer doing nothing, and I may regret my enthusiasm later. However, right at this moment, I am happy with the decisions I’ve made about the classes I chose to take this semester.


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