School Concerns

Quick Announcement: I will be the Municipal Liaison for Boone, NC again this November for Nanowrimo, and Su is Co-MLing with me. We have some pretty fantastic things planned, which I will discuss when it gets closer to that time of year.

Note: The following information pertains to my real life, so if that doesn’t interest you, I won’t be offended. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve decided to pursue a double major in math and physics. While I’m confident in pursuing math, I’m hesitant about physics because I’ve never actually taken a physics class. I have, however, read books on quantum mechanics, which is a subject that I find fascinating. I’m hoping that fascination translates into an ability to do physics rather than just an interest in it.

I’m also worried that my decision to pursue a double major may result in an extra 1-2 semesters, simply because the list of courses I need for each major are pretty lengthy. Due to that concern, I decided to take 18 credit hours this fall, rather than the 15 I had originally. On top of that, I am working part-time and I’m the president of my school’s Global Students Club.

I’m taking the following classes: Calculus 1, Physics 1, Statistical Methods, International Relations, and Psychology of Personality. I’ve had people tell me I’m overloading myself, since I’m taking what amounts to, essentially, three math classes (counting physics in that). I’m not really that worried.

And there are a few reasons I’m not worried. First of all, I have the same teacher for Calculus and Stats, and I took Precalc 1 with her, so I know that her teaching style works for me. I’ve also talked to her, and she has told me I have nothing to worry about. I still get really anxious about math because in high school, I struggled in math. Maybe because I didn’t really appreciate math back then – I don’t really know. But there’s a remnant of anxiety about math for me, and I worry that I’m not going to be able to handle the classes, despite having no problems with Precalc 1 and 2.

I’m not that worried about stats, as I took it once before for my first associate’s degree in business administration. Since I obtained that degree in 2008, however, I decided to take another stats class just to refresh my memory.

The Psychology course is taught by the best psych teacher at my school – a teacher I’ve never actually had, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about him. In fact, I’ve never heard anything bad. I do know he grades on a curve, and that’s a little weird since most of the teachers at my school don’t use curves. I find psychology pretty interesting, so I don’t expect the course to be that difficult.

I know the International Relations class is an easy A because the teacher told me so herself. I actually worked with her part-time the spring semester, and she highly encouraged me to sign up for the class. She told me her tests are all open note tests, and she even said that buying the textbook isn’t really necessary because her class mostly focuses on discussing current events. Considering my role as the president of the Global Students Club, I decided to take her suggestion.

Now, the last class – the Physics class. Because I go to school at a small community college, there are only three options for science: physics, biology, and astronomy. I hate biology with a passion that transcends words, so taking a class in that division was never an option. That left physics and astronomy, both of which interest me (mostly because I’m interested in astrophysics). And the two classes are taught by the same professor, who, fortunately, is considered one of the best teachers on campus.

I plan to take astronomy at some point in the future (as I need it for astrophysics), but I decided to start with Physics for the obvious reason that I need to take Physics classes for a Physics major. I don’t really know what to expect, so it’s hard to be completely confident about my ability to handle it. Granted, I worry a lot about the difficulty of classes, and I usually find that my worry far outweighs the actual difficulty of the course.

Anyway, that’s it about the upcoming fall semester, which starts August 17th for me. Hopefully, all of my worries turn out to be unfounded.


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