An Update

So, I haven’t said much recently about what’s going on in my life, and maybe some of you would like to know, so here’s the big news:

I changed my mind about which subject to major in. 

Some of you might recall that I started out planning on majoring in Linguistics. Well, as I started taking classes, I started to see that I had a greater aptitude for math than I had previously thought. In high school, I hated math. Despised, even. But as I took both Precalculus Algebra and Precalc Trigonometry, it dawned on me that I was grasping the concepts more quickly than my peers because I am good at abstract thinking. So, I started leaning towards math.

Then, I started wondering what I could do with math besides teach. The answer – not a lot. A math degree is, however, a solid second major to go alongside a science degree, and I decided to pair Mathematics with Physics. So, my plans changed a little. I thought I knew what I wanted to do when I started going back to school, but math piqued my interest. I decided to follow that path and see where it leads – who knows what kind of adventures await?!

That said, I don’t plan to stop writing – that would be silly. I’ve always been a writer. A lot of people think that Math and English don’t mix, but they are related. In fact, I just read a book called “The Math Gene” by Keith Devlin that discusses why the two subjects are related (great book, I suggest checking it out!). I may end up talking about math sometimes, so I thought it would be nice to mention that.

I’d like to say this is primarily a “writing” blog, but let’s face it, this blog has always been a bit of an “everything” blog. My interests are varied, and I assume the people who follow my blog would get bored if every post I wrote was about the same exact thing! I try to avoid rehashing content because I hate reading recycled material.

In any case, that’s the news I had to share. Also, I updated my “About Me” page and added some quirky facts. Just to spice things up a bit.


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