Nano 2014 Update

I haven’t talked much about Nano this year. I mentioned that I was going to work on a fantasy novel and discussed it a little, but that was about it. But the more I tried to write that book, the more I didn’t want to write it, and the more a different novel pulled to me. So I ended up deciding to write the novel that pulled at me, and that book is another book set in the Spectron universe. Like Spectrum, it’s a homoerotica with a bdsm flavor – perhaps this is the genre that calls to me as a writer, I don’t know. I mean, I love fantasy – it’s my absolute favorite genre to read. Maybe it’s not the right genre for me to write.

In any case, I went from being stuck at around 12,000 words to being at ~30,000 words now. I’m way behind (20,000 words in the next 5 days, if including today), but it’s definitely doable. My record last year was a 15,000 word day. And I just set a new record for myself and broke a 5k hour – I broke a 4k hour last year.

I wasn’t actually trying to break a 5k hour, though. That happened by accident. I set a timer for 5 minutes and was trying to hit 500 words in 5 minutes. Frustratingly enough, that goal wasn’t reached, but a 5k hour is a pretty good required. I’ve written ~8600 words today, and I’m hosting an online write-in from 6 to 8 pm tonight. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to top my 15k day today!


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