Conquering the Blank Page by Larisa Hunter

Conquering the Blank Page by Larisa Hunter

When writing is the last thing you want to do, it feels like this overwhelming fear comes over you…what IF I have nothing in me, what IF that thing that haunts every writers dreams appears….the horror of the BLANK PAGE!

Fear not, intrepid writer, the blank page is your friend. It means its time for you to break from tradition, change it up…a blank page is an opportunity to be creative, it is a blank canvas for which our words become etched. When it happens, we should embrace it! Stand up, take a break, have a moment to think! This is where your character could do something epic, or the backdrop change, or that amazing plot twist suddenly shift the reader into high intensity.

So fear it not! But, embrace it! USE it! Use that fear of not having creative anything, to fuel that creative something! I don’t believe that we CANT write, I believe we CAN write….even if the blank page says we can’t…

Conquer it with all you’ve got! In the end, you are the master/mistress of those pages, and you control the fate and destiny of your creation! Never fear you are, and you will finish this!

Many thanks to Larisa Hunter for writing this Pep Talk for the Boone, NC region during Week Two of Nanowrimo 2014. She is the author of Embracing Heathenry, and you can read more about her here. 


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