Stand up for Freedom

I’m frustrated with our government – so is everyone I know. Everyone in this country, it seems, hates what the government has become. A mockery of democracy, an illusion of freedom – the White House is no longer under the control of the people, but under the control of the corporations.

When did our country, our democracy, become a corporate oligarchy? When did Americans start being okay with having their rights taken away from them? Why is the common mentality one of: “I don’t have to do anything if I have a problem because someone else will fix it?”

Since when has that ever been true? How many problems have you actually had in your life that someone else solved for you? I don’t mean gave you advice – I mean acted for you. You have a problem with your girlfriend, or your boyfriend, and you talk to a friend about how to fix the situation and then you choose to take the advice or not. But guess what? You’re still making a decision.

Every time you refuse to acknowledge the right you have to make a decision, the responsibility you have to make a difference in your own life by speaking up about what matters to you, then you are failing to live up to the ideals of this country. Every time you look to someone else to solve these problems for you, you might as well take a sharpie and write “Not American” on your forehead.

Stop letting our country be governed by idiots. WE are the ones who vote. WE are the ones with the power to say NO to ideals that reject the liberty our ancestors fought to the death to defend. The Constitution of the United States starts with “WE THE PEOPLE.”  We are the people. So let’s stop looking to others to solve our problems and let’s start being Americans.


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