Dare to be Different


I’m aware it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been insanely busy, what with helping out with the ESL (English as a Second Language) class at my college, running a guild on World of Warcraft, taking five classes (English, History – World Civilizations Part II, Leadership and Development, Developmental Psychology, and Precalculus Algebra), attending the Global Scholars’ club meetings, tutoring two ESL students outside of class, working part-time as a work-study in the College and Career Readiness center (a.k.a. Basic Skills – where Adult High School and G.E.D. programs are located), helping friends with their writing assignments, and, you know, managing normal everyday life.

So, if I post a little less often than usual during this fall semester, just remember how much I’m doing – and that I always come back. Oh, and if that list isn’t enough? I have three writing workshops I’m hosting this month in preparation for Nanowrimo and, as you all know, I’m the Municipal Liaison (ML) for the Boone, NC region.

I’m always looking for people willing to help me out, though, so if you’ve got some spare time to help out with any of my writing workshops and/or Nano write-ins/activities, please, dear gods, get in contact with me. I love being busy, but I love having help even more.

Oh, and that PDF at the top of this post? It’s a bit of a satirical commentary that reflects how I truly feel about academic writing and the ridiculous flavor of teacher expectations.


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