“You Can Love Writing: A Guide to Get through Your College Papers and Like It” Book Review

I “bought” this book off Amazon (it was free at the time; it’s $2.99 currently) a couple months back and just recently got around to reading it.

Even though it’s geared specifically towards college students, all writers can benefit from this book’s content. The author discusses a variety of traps that trip up writers, and while it is geared towards academic writing, the same sort of traps creep up in fiction as well.

For example, transitions. In fiction, we transition from scene-to-scene or chapter-to-chapter, and Dowell describes how transitional mistakes come in two varieties: lack of transitions and overabundance of transitions.

She also discusses the revision process and suggests multiple techniques for dealing with writer’s block – two problems that besiege every writer in every type of writing.

Dowell doesn’t discuss grammar at all, and she says, from the very beginning of the book, that grammar is secondary to content. Which is, I’m sure, a concept all writers will agree with.


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