Question for Readers

Apparently, today is the day for questions, so I shall ask all of you who read my blog – or at least skim it for the interesting videos – don’t lie, I know some of you just like the pretty pictures! :p  – a question. Well, two. But they are easy questions, I promise!

Question One: 

If you would be interested in seeing virtual writing workshops from me, LIKE this post. Easy enough, right?

Question Two: 

If you liked this post, please tell me, in the comments, whether you’d like to see those virtual writing workshops take the form of Skype Videoconferencing  OR Youtube Presentations. 

See? Painless questions! :)

Writing is a Three Way Mirror Workshop Content

Writing is a Three Way Mirror Content

For everyone who wasn’t able to make the workshop today, Kelsey agreed to let me share the presentation she created.

The exercises for each slide are as follows:

Slide 2: Answer the 4 questions.

Slide 3: Follow the instructions.

Slide 5: Write briefly about the ways that these three items have influenced your past, or current, writing.

Slide 6: Consider this Franz Kafka quote: “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” Think about the topics you’ve explored in your writing, and make a list of those topics.

Slide 7: Write briefly on the idea that “You are your company.”

Slide 8: Write about a time that you have made an impact on the people around you. That impact may have been on friends, family, classmates, fellow workers, etc. Describe how that experience has changed you. Then, describe how you think that experience changed the people involved.